Candle Care Guide

Extend the life of your candle by following these simple steps...

  • Trim the wick between uses using scissors or a wick trimmer, ensuring it is no longer than approx. 5mm to help prevent wick from uneven burn, smoking or Mushrooming.
  • Keeping the wick centered will make sure your candle burns more evenly and prevents Tunnelling of the wax. If your candle wax hasn’t melt evenly. This could be due to the wick not staying centered. Blow your candle out and allow the wax to cool for a few minutes, gently ease the wick back into a central and upright position.

  • Do not burn your candle for longer than four hours at a time. If you do carbon may collect on the wick causing it to Mushroom, the wick may also droop in the melted wax and get buried.

  • Always burn your candle on a stable, level and heat resistant surface in an environment free of drafts. If placed in a draughty area, the wax may only melt on one side and the flame may become really small (or worse still, blows out completely). Do not move your candle when lit as the container may be hot to touch.

  • It’s time to stop burning your candle when approx.1cm of wax remains at the bottom of the glass. Wax is the fuel for the flame, if you burn this last remaining amount of wax in your candle the jar may overheat.


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