Each product is individually hand made in Gippsland, Australia with meticulous attention to detail.

At Beautiful Scents Boutique, you'll discover an exquisite range of scented offerings.

A standout feature is our collection of natural and organic products, which include essential oils and plant-based ingredients.

Beautiful Scents Boutique is your one-stop-shop for those looking to find high-quality scented products to enhance their living spaces & create a home spa experience.

Take time to Relax, Breathe & Enjoy.

From Bec xxx

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Ignite your senses with our luxury hand made candles. Made with Premium 100% Natural Plant Based Eco Soy Wax. This specially chosen wax is both renewable & sustainable making it environmentally friendly and also biodegradable!

By individually hand pouring each candle, this formulation allows us to have a generous amount of fragrance throughout the entire candle.

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Bath Salts

Our specially hand made Bath Salt Blend consists of naturally occurring healing mineral compounds. Well known for hundreds of years these incredible Salts & Essential Oil combinations used in our products are provided by Mother Nature & have beneficial properties.

Reed Diffusers & Home Fragrance

Our cubic-shaped diffuser is said to be one of the best sized diffuser glasses on the market. Easily refillable & designed to last, our home fragrance diffuser is a stylish designer piece for your home.

As with all our products we source and use premium Ingredients and our diffuser range is no exception.

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